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EXM 500, Tethys Instruments

The EXM 500 is an extractive on-line gas analyser dedicated to continuous emission monitoring (CEM). 
This new model is based on a 2048 pixels CCD (charge-coupled device) giving a higher resolution (0.1 nm) and a longer lamp life time (3 years) 
It is based on UV spectroscopy that brings a higher sensitivity than infra-red
and gives the possibility to measure several gases simultaneously. 
A high selectivity is achieved by a fast Fourier transform (FFT)
on the absorbance spectrum for all the gases having a periodic structure
like NH3, SO2, NO and others. 
All the internal gas circuit is heated at 190°C to admit directly
hot and humid combustion gases. 
The EXM500 is presented in a standard 19" rack. 
This model may include a heated sampling
pump as an option.